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Perry is truely one of the country's best Motivational Speakers, having travelled across the world, his powerful message reaching tens of thousands who believe Everything is Possible! As your next Guest Speaker, Perry's courage will inspire your team to achieve clear direction and greater results. 


Perry has a long experience and range of skills that allow him to offer Business Consulting and Guest Speaker services in: Travel, Accessibility, Affordable Housing, Inclusive Workforces and Self-Directed Personal Care. Or you may like to sit down 'One on One' with somebody who has confronted the toughest of life's challenges. Contact us below today! 


Inspired by the tireless work of Christopher Reeve, Perry established the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation. Perry is a true visionary, humble leader and change maker that the spinal injury sector has embraced globally. Perry was recently named “Cure Warrior Advocate of the Year”, for more information please visit the Foundation:


Teaching Superman to Fly

Perry is a 'one of a kind' Guest Speaker and his unique situation has given the skills to turn obstacles into opportunities. This includes 'Teaching Superman to Fly', a motivational lesson for everybody.

Everything is Possible!

One of the secrets to Perry's successes is his remarkable attitude towards life, let his inspirational message rub off on your team at your next event. Contact us today to engage a 'game changer'. 

Global Cure Warrior

Your next speaking engagement with Perry supports his life mission to find a cure for paralysis for 'all', and we WILL cure paralysis. You can learn more about the incredible research being done when Perry presents at your next event. 


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